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Creative Informatics

Unleashing Innovation at the Intersection of Technology and Performance Arts

Harmonising Technology - Inspiring Creativity
Our mission is to pioneer breakthroughs in sonification, music technology systems, music technology education, and human-centered creative computing. We are dedicated to driving pioneering research that transforms creative-industry workflows and enhances toolkits for performing and interactive art creators.
We are deeply engaged in dynamic partnerships with industry leaders and international technical standardisation (MPEG), driving innovation at the forefront of creative technologies.

Dept. of Digital Arts and Media

Music - Computer Science

Flaithri Neff, PhD
Principal Investigator

Dept. of Digital Arts and Media

Music Perception - Audio Engineering

Malachy Ronan, PhD
Senior Researcher

Dept. of Digital Arts and Media

Sonic Art - Interactive Media

John Greenwood, PhD
Senior Researcher

Dept. of Digital Arts and Media

Interactive Music Performance

Eoghan Neff, PhD
Senior Researcher


Below are our current projects domains.


We develop sonification models to present data using melodies, rhythms, and sonic textures. Our applications span across multidimensional scientific data and accessibility tools for individuals with visual impairments.

Music Systems

We study interactions between humans and audio-related technologies and systems. We focus on how people interact with and control audio devices, software, and content to optimise their user experiences and achieve specific goals in fields like music production, sound engineering, entertainment, pedagogy, and accessibility.

Soundscape Design

We specialise in crafting customised soundscapes, blending synthetic and real-world sound sources to create distinctive auditory alerts and immersive ambient environments. We aim to transform spaces and experiences through sound, enhancing both functionality and emotional resonance through carefully curated auditory elements."

Immersive Sound Production

We co-create cutting-edge technology with a creative and arts-based approach to investigate methods, tools, and artistic expressions that push the boundaries of audio immersion in multimedia contexts. This interdisciplinary field delves into the development of advanced sound recording techniques, spatial audio technologies, and innovative sound design methodologies while fostering artistic exploration and experimentation.

Interactive Music Performance

We experiment in musical presentation in which performers engage in a dynamic exchange with technology, the audience, or each other. In interactive musical performances, technology is used to facilitate and respond to the actions of the musicians or the audience, creating a collaborative and evolving musical experience.

Moving Pictures Expert Group

Our researchers play a leading role in the national committee NSAI/T002/SC19, which mirrors international standardisation efforts within ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29. We actively engage in shaping and contributing to the development of standards related to multimedia, including audio and video coding, compression, and transmission.

Researcher Publications and Works

These following academic publications and works include both TUS-affiliated and independent activities.

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The latest news in Creative Informatics

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